HW Home Designs Interior Design Styles

HW Home Designs is a London-based interior design studio founded by Helen Wriglesworth in 2018. She has extensive experience in retail design, furniture design, and product development. Her eye for detail makes for a truly inspirational environment. She creates homes with a timeless, modern feel. Whether you are designing a new house or renovating an old one, HW Home Designs can help you achieve your goals. Here are three ways to get started.

Industrial design combines the latest technology with antique-looking finishes. Typically, this style incorporates dark woods, stripped floorboards, and industrial-inspired furniture. In addition, it uses abstract art and photographs, as well as wooden elements and exposed steel. It has a timeless, classic look that will be a favorite for many people. Moreover, it features a combination of pastel and white colors. The look is incredibly beautiful and is perfect for a historical home.

Industrial style. A combination of old and new. This style uses dark woods, exposed steel, and industrial-inspired lighting fixtures. It also incorporates modern and contemporary styles, and is often associated with modern furnishings. In addition, the design emphasizes the architectural details, and furniture and decorative accents. These pieces are often paired with a neutral color palette. The end result is an inviting and unique space that will stand out. When it comes to choosing a home decor style, choose something that fits your personality and style.

Traditional style. If you love the historical look, traditional design is the best choice for you. It emphasizes antique finishes, woodwork, and architectural details. The colors used in this style are neutral, but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the overall aesthetic. This style is very timeless and will never date. Whether you’re looking for a home design with a classic feel, or something a little more contemporary, there’s an option for you.

Traditional style. If you’re looking for a home with a vintage feel, you’ll love the look of traditional interior design. This style features dark woods and rich tones, and is a great choice for a home with lots of history. The colors and furniture are typically very elegant and sophisticated, and the overall effect is calming. This style is perfect for a family home where the decor is simple and functional. But if you want to live in a more modern style, you can use contemporary interior designs.

If you love history and modern design, traditional style will fit your needs perfectly. The furniture and other decorations in this style are more refined than in the previous. For example, the walls are made of wood, which looks more authentic and rustic. The colors are neutral. There’s nothing wrong with blending modern and classic interior design. This style is a great choice for both a family home and a vacation home. A home with this type of aesthetic appeal is ideal for those who enjoy history and want to make their home look contemporary.